November 30, 1886- Buffalo and Watergate

Today in HeritaGreetingsFromBuffaloPCG Gordon Liddyge History, November 30, 1886, George Westinghouse opens the very first successful U.S. Alternating Current (AC) power plant in Buffalo, New York. It was also the very last successful thing to ever open in Buffalo, New York.

Today, G. Gordon Liddy, a Watergate mastermind, turns 82. In an ironic twist of historical fate, The Washington Post reports today that burglars broke-in to Liddy’s home the night before a scheduled surprise birthday party, stealing all of his wrapped gifts, birthday cake, and ice cream. The Democratic National Committee refused to comment on the event but did say that marble cake was, “Not usually one of our favorites”.


November 27, 1927- The Trump Tower for Muggers



Today in Heritage History, November 27, 1927, Penn Station opens in New York City. Tomorrow in Heritage History, November 28, 1927, New York City Mayor James “Jimmy” Walker receives over 10,000 thank you notes from thugs, scammers, and muggers thanking him for the new, warm, perfectly crowded, and posh accommodations.