Today in Heritage History, 1839, the American Statistical Association organizes in Boston. Historical review of minutes from their initial meeting shows that significant statistical history was made. The group was in 95.6% agreement that:

1 stitch in time saves 9

90.5% of all quoted statistics are made up

8 out of 10 Dentists recommend Poligrip

98.5% of people worldwide think statistics are just bullshit

91.725% of all of life’s choices can generally be categorized as 6 of one or 1/2 dozen of the other

When viewed on a Bell Curve, 49.8% of all Americans are stupider than the “average” American

Doctors like making-up that post-operative patients have a “50-50” chance of survival


Lastly, the group determined that despite the fact that 7 out of 10 people hate people who flaunt statistics, their association had a 9 in 10 chance of long term survival. This was based on the fact that 96.5% of all people believe that “gullible” isn’t a real word and isn’t even in the dictionary.