Today in Heritage History, 1098, the first Crusaders capture and plunder Mara, Syria. The entire event was strewn with historical irony. As it happened, Mara was actually the wrong location intended for attack by the Crusaders. The city, as it turned-out, was filled with Turkish Christians. This happened apparently as the result of  the Crusaders traveling via taxi from Istanbul to Syria, in cabs driven by Arabic speaking cabbies. The cabbies later claimed they just couldn’t understand the Crusaders English. “God’s Army” assumed to be at the right location when the cabbies  pulled over to the curbs in Mara, to unload their luggage and towed boulder catapults. To further exacerbate the historical irony, a separate group of Crusaders, disguised as clowns and traveling via Crusader-Clown-Cars in a separate expedition, did arrive at the right city and were able to successfully complete the planned (“Christian-style”) pillaging, and plundering.