Today in Heritage History, 1903, the Wright Brothers make their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Despite the fact that the brothers owned the plane, owners of the air field where the flight took place billed their Visa credit card for $5000 in airfield fees and surcharges; Plane with two wings surcharge- $500, Plane with no motor fee – $250, Plane with no fuselage surcharge fee- $300, Being clothed during the entire flight fee- $500, With hat  + $100, Additional luggage surcharge (re; stuff in Wilbur’s pockets) -$350, Historical photos- $500, Beef Jerky and Cracker Jack lunch/snack fee- $500, Use of North Carolina wind surcharge- $1000, and the (standard) being excited and jumping-up-and-down fee- $1000.