Today in Heritage History, 1898, Pierre and Marie Curie discover radium. After extensive scientific experimentation with the element they discovered that radium had a curious luminescent quality when added to paint-based products. After years of work with microscopes, intricate scientific details, onset of the aging process, and the long dark nights of Paris, both Curie’s suffered from failing vision and thus, were pleased to stumble upon a personal use for their discovery as a martial aid. After years of struggling because of sight loss, Pierre was able to use the radium-based luminescent paint to designate Marie’s  “Top” “Bottom” “Front” “Back” and “Bulls eye”. Never one to take a scientific “back seat”, Marie referred to her use for their discovery as, “lighting Pierre’s magic flashlight”. After retiring from science, and much to his delight, Pierre was able to find part-time employment in a local Paris movie house guiding patrons to their seats as an isle usher.