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Today in Heritage History, 1539, St. Jacobs Church in the Hague, burns to the ground after being struck by lightning. Some local residents considered it a random act of fate. Others, considered it a vengeful Act of God. The only victims of the fire were a group of Dominican teaching nuns from the local Catholic School, Our Lady of the Most Holy Torturer.(aka.The St. Marquis De Sade Academy). The nuns had been in the church basement of St. Jacobs holding their regular weekly offensive-hand-to-hand classroom-combat classes when the fire broke out. After a brief investigation, rumors spread throughout the Hague that the remains of one nun had been found tied to the peak of the Church steeple with a lightening rod attached to the top of her habit. Local Hague police interviewed Little Mikey McNamara, a sixth grader at Our Lady of the Most Holy Torturer as a “person of interest” but no charges were ever substantiated. The only other known casualty of the fire was one Roman Catholic priest. He was found behind a still standing wall with a peep hole, unable to run to safety with his pants around his ankles and still clutching his bottle of “holy oil” (etc.).