Whew! What a year. Stupidity has run rampant through world politics, economics, sociology, medicine, and psychology. Politicians have even tried to re-write history…the nerve of those assholes!, that’s my job. About the only thing that has remained the same this year is my love for my family, my kids, my friends, and of course all of you who has been kind enough to follow, read, comment and encourage my ill-humor. For those of you who have followed Today through the ill-est of our ill-humor, thank you, I appreciate your readership and loyalty to laughter. For those of you who’ve bailed through the year, my best advice to you is to stop taking yourself so seriously, grow smarter, and please find a sense of humor.

 Please keep following. I’m just getting warmed-up, honest and I appreciate your readership, your comments, your encouragement and your kindnesses much more than I can ever tell you. I promise to keep you educated, thinking, and laughing. It doesn’t get any better than that..right?

My best to you for a great 2012. Peace! PKC @Today in Heritage History

P.S. Coming tomorrow January 1st, 2012 is our newest blog both here and at Blogger, Today in Campaign 2012. If you think I’ve fried history here, just wait until you see how I express my love and affection for Politicians and the campaign crud of 2012. 🙂

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