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Today in Heritage History, 1981, the largest jell-o molds ever made (using a total of 9,246 gallons of jell-o) are displayed in Brisbane, Australia. What started as a publicity promotion ended in major lawsuits for NBC. NBC Australia hired an entire crew of professional sculptors to mold life-like depictions of the ten member cast of Australia’s premiere episode of the Biggest Loser. The molds showed the cast running on treadmills, lifting weights, and trying to occupy only one airline seat. In what NBC considered to be marketing genius and building viewer loyalty, visitors were able to interact with the displays “pinging” them to watch them jiggle as they “exercised”. Cast members sued NBC claiming that the display was “extremely insensitive”, and displayed fat morbidly obese people as a other than ,”positive role model for young, morbidly obese people”.


Church Day Bonus: Today in Heritage History, 1887, snow fell on San Francisco, forcing members of that weeks Gay Pride parade to march in snow suit thongs with their little bicon frise’s stuffed inside to generate additional body heat.