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Today in Heritage History, 1967, is the day officially used to mark the beginning of the Albanian Cultural Revolution. The Revolution was led by a group of famous Albanian cultural artists whose names have now been etched in Albanian history books; Pablo Peco-asso, Renoir Ramadani, Claude Monemarkulet, Vincent Van Varoshi, and the famous Albanian ballet master Fisnik Baryshnikov. The gathering spots for Albanian intellectuals to debate and discourse the “new Albania” were traded from the old world Albanian cafes to the new and more modern McKungull Mekos, and Lakruar Huts that began springing-up throughout almost every Albanian Alp village. History credits the Albanian counter-culture revolutionary Kreshnik Leary for “nudging” the revolution and encouraging young Albanian goat herders to “tune in and drop out” by using psilocybin mushrooms sprouting from the piles of goat dung scattered around the Albanian countryside.