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Today in Heritage History, March 8, 1861, residents of St. Augustine, Florida surrender to the Union Armies. General Sherman’s military strategy was brilliant. His armies surrounded every Denny’s in St. Augustine at “Early Bird Special” dinner time (@ 3:30 p.m.) , and patiently waited to attack after most diners had eaten, but before they had to pay the check and leave a tip. The surrendering St. Augustinians were force marched by Sherman for blocks in wheel chairs and walkers and interred for the remainder of the war in multiple POW Assisted Living camps throughout St. Augustine. Pockets of resistance remained that were involved in multiple day Bocce Ball tournaments and finally surrendered, but belligerently only after the. “last Bocce Ball has been tossed”. Finally waving their Depends of surrender, they were taken into custody by Sherman’s army and sentenced to never dressing in a swimsuit on any beach… anywhere… ever.