It was hard-fought. I was LMAO all day Sunday, so THANK YOU to everybody who left a caption. All of the entries were hilarious, and the next Fun-Sunday Captioning Contest will be next Sunday April 1st (no joke). As much as I would like to do the “modern parent” thing here and give everybody a trophy “just-for-showing-up-and-no-we-don’t-keep-score-Bobby because-everybody’s-a-winner-here”, I hate that shit, so I can’t. So..the first Poofy Shirt Award for iconoclastic captioning goes to Kitchen Slatern with the caption; “No requests til the second set, and if you want to hear “Ring of Fire” you’ll have to buy me a tequila shooter”. Runner-up was Carl D’Agostino with: “It’s Pepe, NOT Papa”. Next week, captioning will be accompanied by a voter poll so readers can vote for their favorites. I hope the winners flaunt their awards proudly as an inspiration to others. PKC