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Today in Heritage History, March 27, 1866, Andrew Rankin patents the urinal. Rankin’s patent was the culmination of a lifetime of devotion to his interests and studies. Considered by adults and colleagues to be a urine prodigy, Rankin showed an interest in urine at a very early age. He attended the University of Urine in Boston, and earned a Ph.D. in Urineology (with a dual major in Bladder Studies) at the age of 12. Following college, Rankin cloistered himself devoting years of postdoctoral study to refining the mathematic calculations of urine trajectories, the physics of urine flow (at all ages), and adolescent men’s psychology that prompts pre-pubescent “sword fights”, and “name-writing” in the snow. Finally, after completing a detailed, multi-year demographic study of the most common walls in Boston that men were most likely to urinate on, Rankin was able to successfully launch the “urine-all”.