Hmmmm… I see a historical pattern here. We (again) have a tie for this past week’s Caption Contest. Each with equal votes:

Chris Sheridan @ Word Play

She speaks @ Motley News and


Please visit their blogs and follow their “stuff”. They are all EXTREMELY talented writers, publishers, and bloggers. So with that, here’s this.

I have some good news, and some bad news. I have decided to change the name of the Poofy Shirt Award, as I am (almost) certain that if it gains any future notoriety, the term “Poofy Shirt” is certainly copyrighted to Seinfeld So, it will now become the Cavalier Captioner Award.., no possible intellectual property infringements and I get to use my alliteration. That was the bad news, in case you were wondering. Now, the good news. I will be giving away (starting with this week’s contest) Today in Heritage History t-shirts for the winners. The shirts say; “You may call me: the Cavalier Captioner”. Here’s how you can get your shirt; 1) Go to my store at Cafe Press 2) Find the men’s or women’s t-shirts 3) Prize shirt selections are titled Cavalier Captioners Shirts 4) From the Cavalier Caption shirts (men’s or women’s, your choice) pick-out your type (dark, or light), color, and size 5) Go to my Gravatar at the blog 5) At my email address listed, email me the product number and info, and somewhere you would like it sent 6) Wear it proudly.That’s it. Thanks for having fun with me. I was ROFLMAO all day Sunday. You guy’s are gooooddddd. PKC