Today in Heritage History, April 12, 1796, the first elephant arrives in the U.S. from India. It was brought to the U.S. by Captain Jacob Crowninshield at a cost of about $600 and sold to a Scotsman named Owen while being displayed in New York City, for $10,000. Owen had hoped to recoup his investment touring the elephant to curious crowds around the new states but the elephant died soon after it was purchased and after just a brief illness. Searching for ways to save the elephant, Owen made hundreds of calls to the U.S. Elephant Customer Care and Service Center toll-free number listed on his Elephant Warranty, but (out-sourced and) answered in New Delhi. The elephant died while Owen was on hold with (Customer-Phone-Tech-Support-and-Quality-Care-Expert) “Bob”, waiting “in queue” for his call to be forwarded to a (English-speaking) supervisor.