I worked hard all week to get a new site up and running, and then as technology does, ran into some technical difficulties when it came time to kick-it off earlier today. Sister Mildred was right. God WILL continue to punish me for my ill-humor, and smart ass outlook on life (I’ve slapped myself, just to fully re-live the moment).

My vision for this site is to offer a place where people can go and enjoy a relaxing,slow(er) tempo day, and laugh. I remember the “old days” when people who never had enough time during the week would relax with the “old” black-and-white newspaper and smile at the (now) simple world of color in the Sunday funnies. So, I have named this site, the Sunday funnies. It’s a place to go to read the week in Today in Heritage History, watch some fun video’s and laugh. I have also included the Sunday Caption Contest on the site (this week is Redneck Women Week by-the-way). Have fun.

As I had been re-miss in my polling duties last week, anyone who participated in the caption contest, and would like a free todayinhh Captioning Cavalier t-shirt, please feel free to e-mail me with your info., and I’ll send one out.

Best wishes to everyone who reads and follows for some fun on the new site. I’ll be updating it weekly for Sunday publishing, so please stop back next week.