Today in Heritage History, June 17, 1994, NBA finals are interrupted by newscasters broadcasting the hour-long, low-speed pursuit of O.J. Simpson, by L.A. county Sheriffs. Simpson had failed to turn himself-in, as agreed. When he finally pulled over, Simpson apologized, telling officers he was unaware that they were following him. He told them that he was daydreaming, distraught, and sobbing uncontrollably reminiscing about how much  “I miss my wife, even though she was a lying, cheating, whoring-around bitch, that probably deserved to die”.

Today in Heritage History, June 17, 1856, the Republican Party, formerly known just as the He-man Woman Haters Club, opens its first national convention, in Philadelphia.

From the photo archives of  Today in Heritage History, one year ago today, June 17th, 2011, John McCain publicly endorses the Republican front-runner and presumptive party nominee; Mitt Romney