Today in Heritage History, June 26, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI launches the Vatican’s first website and performs the first papal tweet. As enticements to increase site visits,  at ubercatholic.com, the Pope agreed for the first time ever, to publicize his direct toll-free number to God (1-800-GUILT4U2) and offered new site visitors a free 30 trial for his personalized newsletter, Ben’s Weekly Tips to Stay Out of Hell. The site featured YouTube videos of the Pope skateboarding through the Necropolis at St. Peter’s Basilica, plus a number of papal practical jokes he had pulled on the Vatican Cardinals, (i.e. red undie wedgies, and Cardinal hats up the Vatican flagpole) all intended to soften the Pope’s current image as a religious Nazi. The first tweet for the history books from @papaalterboy1 was, “Asprare la sporcizia Episcopalians” (in English: “Suck dirt Episcopalians”).