Today in Heritage History, July 4, 1776, the final draft of the Declaration of Independence is delivered for printing. The document was almost not delivered for print until July 5th, as Thomas Jefferson’s RV with all the little Jefferson’s was stuck in traffic on Martha’s Vineyard, as a result of the July 4th holiday.

Today in Heritage History, July 4, 1931, the very first July 4th fireworks are displayed at Cleveland Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. City officials had asked specifically that the fireworks be shot-off as dangerously as possible hoping the city would burn down and they could start Cleveland over.

Today in Heritage History, July 4, 1993, the Pizza Hut blimp deflates during a July 4th parade, but lands safely on West 56th street in New York City. Authorities suspected corporate terrorism as witnesses reported that a six-inch man dressed in a toga, carrying two pizzas on a spear was seen running from the scene yelling, “Pizza, pizza”.