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Today in Heritage History, July 15, 1205, Pope Innocent III states publicly that Jews are , “doomed to perpetual servitude and subjugation,” for the,”crucifixion of Jesus”. This was only after his Visa card had been declined three times for insufficient funds at Saul’s Crucifixion Tours and Souvenir Shop (LLC), that was charging $9.99 (less a 10% courtesy Pope discount) for visits to the site.

Today in Heritage History, July 15, 1922, the duck-billed platypus is publicly exhibited for the first time at the New York City Zoo. Anthropologists that discovered the animal in Australia told zoo visitors that they had also found a note written on the rocks by their den. “Please tell Tennessee, this is what happens when first cousins marry…Love, God”.

Today in Heritage History, July 15, 1932, President Hoover announces that as a result of the difficult economic times in America, he will cut his own salary by 15%. Hoover had forgotten that the following year, he had agreed to work for free, so needed to pass on the additional 15% loss to the American taxpayers.

Today in Heritage History, July 15, 1948, Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Britain. July 16, 1948, 5 million Irish flee Britain, most of them without even their families or personal possessions.