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Today in Heritage History, July 16, 1429, Joan of Arc leads the French Army in the Battle of Orleans. It wasn’t quite what Mr. Arc had intended when he suggested that his wife Joan, “get the heck out of the house for an afternoon, and get involved in something you really care about”. He was however glad that she had found something else to do other than hang-out at home, on a day when she was definitely PMS.

Today in Heritage History, July 16, 1935, the first automatic parking meter in the U.S. is installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tomorrow in Heritage History, 1935, a group of pathetic, sorry excuse-for-a-human-being, never asked to the prom, misanthropic, people-hating, on the left-half of the smart bell curve, slimy, bottom-feeding, previously unemployable anywhere else, chain-smoking, closet-drunk, scum suckers, put on fake military uniforms, and ban together to call themselves “Meter Readers”.