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Today in Heritage History, July 17, 1989, the U.S. military test flies the new Stealth bomber…or so they said.

Today in Heritage History, July 17, 1959, Louis S.B. and Mary Leakey discover a human skull in Austin, Texas they believed to be at least 600,000 years-old. The Leakey’s originally named it the Zinjanthropus skull. After determining that the cranium cavity was only about one-eighth the size of a modern man, the Leakeys renamed their discovery to the RickPerryiam Tinybrainicus Texaneanderthalis….skull.

Today in Heritage History, July 17, 1879, the first railroad opens in Hawaii. The first Hawaiian train consisted of 175 natives, all carrying armloads of coconut freight and doing the limbo from Honolulu to Pearl City. To add historical authenticity to the experience the tribal chief was at the head of the limbo line yelling, “chuggah-chuggah-chuggah-chuggah,-chuggah-chuggah-chuggah-chuggah…CHOO…CHOO!!!!!”.